At the moment, it feels a little bit like each day is rolling into the next. It's easy to get into a funk when your normal routine has been totally disrupted, but I've found what really helps is replacing my old routine with simple things each morning just to get my head in the right place. Even when you're just going as far as your living room, getting up at your normal time, getting changed and throwing a little makeup on can really change how you feel.

We can help a little bit with that. We reckon that keeping your products quick and easy to apply is key! A beauty routine that's simple and fresh will give you a boost for the day. So, we've comprised a list of our 5 favourite lightweight foundation sticks for you to wear at home. Let's go!

Skin Foundation Stick


This product is an updated version of Bobbi Brown's classic Foundation Stick, with a transparent base plus skin tone correcting pigments for the most natural and easy look! The texture is lightweight and ULTRA creamy to blend right into the skin. This versatile little stick comes in 43 different shades and is suitable for all skin types! What more could you want?

Flex Foundation Stick


This seamless formula blends right into the skin allowing for buildable coverage without cakiness. This baby will moisturise the skin upon application with blue lotus and also contains chamomile to reduce redness and soothe the skin.

Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick


Don't let the size of this product fool you! Despite being small in size, this foundation stick has double the pigment of other formulas. This 2-in-1 concealer and foundation is full coverage while remaining light and airy on the skin and provides 12-hour wear.

Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick


This foundation stick is beauty and skincare combined. The water-based liquid foundation has all the benefits of your favourite moisturiser but in a lightweight formula that feels effortless on the skin with medium buildable coverage. It also contains SPF 25 protection so you're covered for your daily dose of outdoor exercise.

Nude Expert Duo Stick


This 2-in-1 foundation and highlighter stick magically works to leave you with a matte finish where needed and a luminous radiant glow on those areas you want to highlight. It can do it all! With sheer to medium buildable coverage, this duo stick is lightweight and feels natural on the skin.

Do you guys have a revised beauty routine for these longer days at home? Share your wisdom with us! Get in touch over on our Instagram at @azstory.uk. Until next time lovelies, have a beautiful day!

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