Welcome back beauties! Today we're back with a Concealer 101. The thing about concealer is, yes it's a lifesaver when it comes to covering up those pesky little blemishes and it can brighten up those under-eye circles in an instant, but it can be easy to go overboard! Concealer can be great if you use it correctly but piling it on can often lead to cakiness and actually draw more attention to an area rather than just letting it blend into the rest of the skin. Concealer isn't always about completely covering you up, it's about helping you out with those areas you think need a little extra love while letting your true beauty shine through! Don't hide behind your concealer, use it to enhance those beautiful natural features! We've got 3 top tips to make your concealer look as seamless as possible, so let's jump in.

1. Colour Match

The first key to natural-looking concealer is finding the right colour or colours for your skin! That's right, sometimes it's going to take more than one concealer, but that's okay! Of course matching to your skin tone is the first port of call, but following that, sometimes different areas of the face will require a concealer with a different undertone to it. Concealing your under eyes, for example, might require a different kind of concealer than the one you would use to cover up redness or hyperpigmentation. Using tones on the opposite spectrum on the colour wheel will help you find the perfect colour to suit each area of your face for the most flawless and natural-looking concealer.

2. Use The Right Tools

Sometimes your fingers can be the perfect tool to do a quick fix on your makeup, we totally get it! Especially for those under-eye areas where you want to be a little more delicate. But, where we have to step in is using your fingers to apply concealer on to blemishes! Using something like a brush with a stiff pointed tip or a small beauty blender will allow you to have more precision and control to blend the product into the rest of the skin and build up more coverage where required. And in any case, keeping those paws away from spots is always for the best! Using clean makeup tools on blemishes is always the best shout.

3. Set Your Concealer With Powder

Even the best concealer that swears not to budge needs finished off with a light dusting of powder to keep everything in place. Use a light, translucent powder to set the concealer in place to ensure it doesn't go anywhere throughout the day. Using patting and dabbing motions tends to be best, in this case, to ensure you don't drag the concealer off of the spot you’re trying to cover up!

You've just made it through another makeup 101 with AZ! We hope these quick tips will come in handy in your everyday beauty routine, let us know! Follow us over on Instagram to say hi and let us know if you've tried any of our tips and tricks.

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