As you guys might have heard, we've partnered up with the lovely ladies over at Evolve Beauty, and we couldn't be more excited about it! If you aren't familiar with this all-natural, organic, Hertfordshire-based brand, then we're here today to give you a little more insight.

The founder and CEO of Evolve Beauty is Laura Rudoe. Having launched Evolve in 2009, she was inspired by her quest for healthier living and her belief that companies should make good choices ethically and morally, as well as just succeeding economically. Evolve has been created with the idea that it needs to be easier for people to take those small but important steps towards making choices to be greener in all aspects of their every lives. Laura has always found natural beauty products and organic food to be beneficial to her body and lifestyle and believes they were the true key to her achieving healthier and happier skin.

She is very involved in the creation of every Evolve Beauty product, alongside her team of formulation and production experts. Laura personally researches every ingredient to make sure it meets strict ingredient guidelines and is the perfect blend of all the essential oils needed to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Evolve Beauty started out small, initially working with a manufacturer based in the UK. However, in 2014, Laura decided to open her own studio to make products by hand in small batches. This enabled her to really oversee the making of her products and ensure they are of the highest quality. This process ultimately maximised freshness and made her products the best they could be. She now has a talented team of more than 20 artisans helping her, and each one is just as devoted to the cause as the next.

Find out more about the Evolve Beauty journey over on our site!

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