Hey there lovelies, and welcome back to AZ. Today, it's all about Too Faced. Created in 1998, This is a brand inspired by an unapologetic approach to glamour, femininity and Parisian romance. Now, Too Faced is a leading player within the beauty industry, creating innovative cruelty-free cosmetics that we just love! And today it's all about the base, more specifically, those products that truly work to give you a flawless base and minimise the appearance of pores. Do they really work? Can we achieve a natural-looking base that still has great coverage? Can Too Faced do it all?! Well, let's find out. Today we're taking a look at two of their products from the Primed & Poreless line as well as the Born This Way Foundation, so let's jump in!

Let's start with the Primed & Poreless + Advanced Formula Primer. Formulated with Vitamins A, C, E and F as well as a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid, this primer provides a rich antioxidant barrier to protect the skin from environmental stressors. The product has minimal colour payoff and as such, it suits all skin tones however the actual consistency is what I found to be quite interesting, I found it to be unlike any other primer I've used before. It wasn't too matte or too glossy upon application though, which I liked, it sat comfortably somewhere in the middle and I was happy with how it ultimately looked on my skin! My only real issue with this product would be the smell, which I'm sad to say I wasn't too keen on (sorry!).

Next up I moved on to the Born This Way Foundation. So, initially, I was a little nervous that the consistency of this product would be super thick as it's a medium-to-full coverage foundation. If you've been here before, you know that I'm a lady who likes a more natural look to my makeup, but I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised! The coverage was great and definitely does what it says on the tin, but I was so glad to find that the formula itself didn't cake on or feel too heavy on the skin, it was surprisingly soft and lighter than expected. It applied onto the skin smoothly and the pigment was just perfect, once again not too matte and not too glossy, just right.

Lastly, I finished off the look with the Primed & Poreless + Advanced Formula Powder. First of all, it has to be noted that this powder is cased in the most adorable packaging! Pink and gold with a matching little heart-shaped facial cushion, the cutest! This is a translucent pressed powder designed to match all skin tones and soak up any excess oil on the skin, and I have to say I found it did all of this perfectly. It felt super lightweight on the skin and it didn't cake up throughout the day despite it soaking up all of the excess oil on the surface of my skin, 5 stars from me!

Have you guys tried any Too Faced products? What are your faves! Be sure to let us know and we'll catch you guys next time!

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