Let's get our early 2000s on with The Diamond Balms from Huda Beauty!

Right you guys, let's get real, this is a safe space! Raise your hand if you had one of those early 2000s, glitter-infused, crazy lipsticks that came free with a magazine? Very Lizzie McGuire vibes? You did?! Me too! The ultimate mini handbag staple of a time gone by! Well, they sure have had a 2020 upgrade and we are living for it. Prepare yourself for some serious nostalgia with the Diamond Balms from Huda Beauty! This super girly brand is serving up the ultimate glitz and glamour with this little balm, and we tried it out!

This balm comes in three variations, this time around we tried out the shade Seductress. My first impression was that this balm was utterly divine, sparkling and perfectly pink. It is housed in the most adorable packaging and designed to have that classic bullet lipstick shape, however, the consistency is definitely that of a balm and the colour pay of is super sheer, the faintest light pink colour will sweep across your lips and is exactly what you'd expect from a classic lip balm. However, where it really differs from any other ordinary balm we've tried is with the gorgeous little glitters that it leaves behind on your lips delicately and the perfect focal point for your makeup look naturally! If you want a little more colour alongside your glitter you could definitely pair this up with your favourite pink lipstick or lip liner for a bit of a bolder look while the balm will still work to keep your lips looking naturally glossy and glitzy. Given the translucent nature of the formula, I would say this product will definitely look different depending on your skin tone but still make a gorgeous choice for absolutely anyone who's looking for that extra little touch of soft glow in their makeup routine.

Have you guys tried these out? We'd love to hear your thoughts and how you found them, maybe you found the perfect lipstick and Diamond Balm combo? Let us know! Head on over to Instagram @azstory.uk and join our community. Until next time loves, ciao!

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