We're all aware of the situation that's pretty much taken over at the moment. So, I'd like to take a second just to say from the team here at AZ, we hope you're staying safe and sound, and most importantly we hope you're staying indoors! We know it can get a little bit taxing on the spirit to be stuck inside all the time, but we gotta do what we gotta do! So let's make the most of it. Take even half an hour out of your day for some self-care. Giving your skin the full load of love it deserves can sometimes be pushed to the back burner a lot of the time, now is the perfect opportunity to change that!

Start off your self-care skin routine with a nourishing face mask and exfoliator. Clean away any impurities with a gentle scrub or exfoliator to rejuvenate and soften the skin, and follow it up with a hydrating mask that will retain moisture and refine the pores. Try out this little routine even once or twice a week and your skin will thank you, we promise you'll never look back!

A facial massage doesn't just have to be confined to the experts at the spa, no way! A couple of simple and easy facial massage techniques can really soothe the skin and relax the mind, especially if you're feeling a bit anxious. Rather than simply slathering your night cream on, why not take the time to use some facial oil or a heavy moisturiser and really massage it delicately into the skin. Start by pressing your fingers and palms between your brows and slowly push them up towards your forehead, repeat this a few times. Slowly then move your fingertips outwards from the centre of the face from the cheeks to the ears in an upwards motion. Slowly begin dropping your fingers lower and lower towards the jawline as you continue this motion, to cover and work your way around the whole face. Don't forget your neck! Gentle, vertical motions from the collar bone towards the jawline will complete this little facial treat. You can also enhance your facial massage with a little skin gym treatment! Use a skin roller, beauty wand or healing stone to bring those relaxing vibes straight from the spa and into your home.

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