Wishful is a brand brought to us by Huda Kattan, born out of her want for straightforward, no-nonsense products that tackle skincare issues directly with none of the faff that she found in other brands. She teams up with cutting-edge labs to come up with the skincare solutions of her dreams, and so Wishful was born! After many years of hard work and research, this brand now delivers results-driven products designed to tackle specific skin concerns. So, we decided to jump on board and try out the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub.

This product is a polish re-imagined, I've never really tried anything quite like it. My first impression was that the texture was super interesting, it felt like doing both a chemical and physical exfoliating treatment at the same time. Given that, I did find that it really did exfoliate the skin thoroughly and deeply, however, it did leave a little bit of pilling residue behind on the skin. Maybe this is my bad and I need to use it more efficiently, so let us know your thoughts on this!

Given the intensity of the exfoliant, I felt like this product might be a little too harsh on my sensitive skin upon application, but once I washed it off, I definitely found that my skin was brighter and smoother, so this scrub might work best on a 'once-a-week' basis for me! It is formulated with papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromain) extracts that work to brighten the skin, fade pigmentation and maximise clarity, alongside both alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids that purify any congestion on the surface of the skin.

I found the consistency a little messy to use over the sink, so maybe keep this as a shower-time treat so you can really lather it on as freely as you like. I think this would ultimately work best for those with skin that can handle a little bit more of an intense exfoliant, for those on the more sensitive side I would suggest maybe using it a little more sparingly to see some good results! To finish off, I have to say this scrub smelled absolutely divine, trust us on that one!

Have you guys ever tried the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub from Wishful? Let us know! We love hearing what you guys are into and what products you're using. Until next time lovelies!

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