Here at AZ, the whole team has been dying to fill you in on the news! We've partnered up with the gorgeous gang over at Olio E Osso to bring you the simple and natural beauty that's suitable for everyone.

Olio E Osso was created by mum, make-up artist, stylist and entrepreneur Paola LaMorticella. If there's ever a lady that knows skincare inside out, it is her. Her brand started when she began to notice that the over-the-counter creams she was using on her infant son's delicate skin were irritating him in a way that just didn't seem right. Taking matters into her own hands, Paola created a balm that eliminated all the non-essential ingredients she was seeing in other creams, and used simple and nourishing ingredients that supported the skin to keep it healthy and strong. From here, Olio E Osso was born and blossomed into a full line of skincare, balms and makeup products. We're so excited to share them now with you guys here at AZ shop!

Olio E Esso boasts a beautiful collection of oils and hand creams that suit all skin types. They have everything from shaving oils that will really moisturise your skin when it needs it the most, to rich lanolin-based hand creams that you can carry with you on the go. Their line of lip sheens and crema lipsticks come in an array of colours to suit all occasions, and their shea butter and olive oil base will leave your lips feeling hydrated and soft from morning till night. But the real shining glory of Olio E Osso is their multi-purpose balms, the product that started it all. This versatile balm comes in a variety of shades and scents, and can be used on everything from your cheeks to your lips and hair! Any bits that need a little extra love, Olio E Osso has got you covered.

Explore Olio E Esso balms now to find out more about this beautiful brand from AZ.

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