Hello, there lovely people! Today we're back with a bit of an all-rounder for you guys. With so much choice out there it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best skincare to suit your skin type, what works for your bestie might not necessarily work for you! Each of us has our own beautifully unique skin type that has different needs and requires its own set of little tips and tricks to keep it healthy and happy. So, as a bit of an intro, we're going to start you off today with the best face masks for your skin type! Let's dive in.

Normal to Dry Skin

For those of you out there with parched skin dying for some hydration, we've got you covered! Avoid anything like ultra-drying mud or clay masks, even if you're tempted by their acne repairing remedies, there are other masks that will give moisture you need while working other wonders too! Any product with hyaluronic acid or ceramides is your new best friend.

Dull and Tired Skin

The first thing I'd say if you're finding your skin dull and a little tired looking, hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Grab yourself a big glass of H20 before you keep reading, trust me, you'll thank us later! Something super hydrating and a little exfoliating is just the ticket for you. Drinking water will kick your skin into gear while a nice purifying and cleansing mask will give you your youthful glow back in no time.

Normal to Oily Skin

If you suffer from oiliness, blackheads, enlarged pores and redness, then a weekly treat to a facemask if exactly what the doctor ordered! A mask rich in antioxidants that will soothe, nourish and repair the skin will work wonders for you. Look out for products that will calm down irritation and draw out impurities. Keep in mind ingredients like honey, charcoal and natural clays!

Oily, Acne and Blemish-prone Skin

Having acne or blemish-prone skin is something that a lot of us suffer with and can be super frustrating, but don't lose hope! There are products out there that are just waiting to save your skin and give you a little bit of pampering too! A mask that will balance out the oils in your skin by regulating excess sebum and tighten your pores will really help you out and start to work its magic on your skin. Although Acneic skin can be tricky and sometimes painful, don't lose heart loves. Try out something containing lactic or citric acid, or something clay-based that will both draw out impurities and soothe your skin at the same time.

Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

For anyone that suffers from a bit of discolouration, using a mask that will gently exfoliate your skin and buff away any dry, dead skin cells will really help. Using an exfoliating product as part of your routine will really work wonders and reveal fresh, healthy, radiant new skin that's just hiding beneath the surface! A mask with lactic acid can also really help lighten up any irregularities or hyperpigmentation!

We hope this little round-up helps you guys navigate your face mask choices and results in some beautiful fresh faces feeling pampered and healthy! Until next time loves, ciao!

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