Wear your heart on your lips and not just your sleeve this Valentine's Day with natural but pigmented colour courtesy of the Holika Holika Glow Lip Tint. A classic red lip has a timeless appeal that epitomises the month of love. If you want to rock a red lip this February 14th discover our top tips on how to effortlessly spice up your make up with a crimson glow.

The rules of a red lip

A red lip is versatile because it suits all skin tones. As a guideline, fairer skins look radiant with a cooler red, medium skin tones can work a more orangey-red and darker skins look great with deep colours and blue undertones. However, Cher has discovered that the Holika Holika Glow Lip Tint is universally flattering, packing a bold and beautiful punch that will look divine on Valentine's Day. Not only is the heart-shaped packaging perfect for passion but its high shine finish and long-lasting pigment make it a dream to apply. Staining the lips with a luscious finish it offers high definition colour that still looks natural and delivers intensive moisture.


Create Cher's red lip look

Using just a single wand, Cher has created a bold lip with the Holika Holika Glow Lip Tint, letting it bleed slightly for a sultry feel. With just a sweep of black cat eyeliner and matching cheeks and eyes, this evening style complements a little black dress or leather pants and a blazer perfectly. Ever so elegant and timeless in style, a pop of red on Valentine's Day is sure to set the night on fire. Try Cher’s look watching her video on our Instagram!

Work the red lip in the day

The Holika Holika Glow Lip Tint is also great as a daytime shade. Its crystalline red glow works just as well when keeping the rest of your face almost bare. Not only will it brighten your skin but it will also make your eye colour pop. If you're out on a day date this February 14th pair your red lip with a classic white shirt or a matching red jumper. The beauty of this nourishing lip product is that it glides on seamlessly, will always look timeless and can be worn both day and night.


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