When it comes to tending to our eyebrows, we all have our favourite product. These days we can choose from powders, pencils, pomades, gels and everything in between, but let's take it way back for a second. Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the tried and true trick to fluffing up those brows was pretty simple: makeup artists would grab a clean mascara spoolie and a bar of soap. The technique involved passing the spoolie over the soap and then brushing it up and through your brows to give them a full and feathered look. The idea was that the waxy texture of the soap builds up on the brows and gives them texture, resulting in fuller looking brows! This brow trend has come back to the forefront of the beauty world over the last couple of years, which brings us to today's product, The Brow Silk & Brush by Iconic London. This product is the modern-day answer to this old Hollywood trick and we're here to give you guys the low down.

To start off, we have to say that this product is 100% vegan, which we here at AZ love! It's also perfect for all hair colours as the formula is not tinted and it simply creates a clear film over your brows. We loved that it was easy to apply and came with its own little brush to do so, the balm gripped on to every single little hair and was super smooth, it didn't tug on the hair or skin at all. Despite the product definitely giving me a fuller and fluffier brow, the results were quite natural and if you like a bit of a bolder look I would definitely recommend going in with another tinted product afterwards and further shaping them to get your desired look. I'd also recommend this because although the initial application was great, I did find myself noticing it kind of wear off after about four hours before I had to re-apply it again. However, it definitely was great for those no-makeup days where I just wanted a little something to pop onto my brows to frame my face a little better.

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Until next time, ciao!

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