Don't be fooled, sun cream isn't just for those hot summer days! Popping on a little SPF year-round will really benefit your skin in the long run and prevent long term damage to that gorgeous skin of yours. So I've been trying out this beautiful one from Thank You Farmer, this Korean brand uses all-natural, farm-grown ingredients to nourish the skin's condition and help delay the cell-ageing process. What's not to love?!

I have to say, I LOVED this sun cream! I really did! First of all, it didn't have that greasiness to it that a lot of sun creams tend to have. It's a super lightweight formula and leaves you with absolutely no stickiness and you barely feel it on the skin, it absorbs into the skin quickly and quietly with no oily residue left behind. This sun cream contains walnut oil, Phyto-Oligo, Centella Asiatica extracts and sodium hyaluronate to keep skin hydrated and feeling fresh. Although the formula is white, this sun cream has no real colour pay off so you won't get that ghostly white mask that some creams leave behind. You can use it as the last step of your skincare routine and go ahead and apply your foundation or powder over it without it feeling cakey or heavy! This cream is super moisturising as it is formulated with high levels of hyaluronic acid and mistletoe extract that works to stimulate cellular turnover – combined with a high SPF to deflect damaging rays, this product will also encourage repair and renewal within the skin to minimise any damage that might occur from other environmental stressors! This water-based sun cream not only smooths the skin upon application but over time will also work to improve your skins texture and make your skin tone more even, it will become a staple step in your skincare routine, trust me!

Sun exposure is one of life's cruel tricks that will creep up and do the damage before you've even noticed, so get in there and prevent the worst from happening! The sooner you work sun cream into your routine, the better! Keep your skin protected and healthy. And, no! Wearing sun cream will not stop you from getting a tan. It will simply prevent your skin from burning and you can still work on your healthy glow in the meantime.

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