Spring is now here, but the days are still cold and covered in frost. The cold weather and the fact that we're still wearing that winter coat makes it very difficult to get into that springtime mood of new beginnings when the weather is warmer with brighter days. Who wants to shop for a new spring wardrobe when the weather is still damp and cold? Well, one way that we can step into spring is by looking after our skin and making it spring fresh!

Here at AZ, we always want to share makeup and skincare hints and tips with you. We all want to achieve healthy, glowing and radiant skin as we step into spring. The spring look that we all want to achieve revolves around the skin that glows and looks super fresh.

So, we want to share with you our skin makeup review of the fabulous Charlotte Tilbury skincare and makeup range. Get ready to glow and feel ultra-confident!


The Natural Glow that Boosts Confidence

Spring is that time of year when we all want to feel our most natural and beautiful. We want to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin. So, here is the skincare regime that Cher followed to achieve glowing skin.

Cher applied Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream to her skin before applying any makeup. She found the cream to be non-sticky and it left her skin feeling silky smooth. She only needed to use a small amount of cream, so although this product isn't cheap, a bottle will last you a long time.


Every Day Glow

After applying the Magic Cream she then applied a small amount of Wonder Glow Face Primer. This primer is amazing, as it made her skin glow with its subtle highlighters and illuminating qualities. Using these two products took her less than 10 minutes. And plus, by using the Hollywood Flawless Filter, it covered the dark circles under her eyes, and even her freckles. So, it will be super quick and easy for you to apply these three products every morning.

Have you tried these products by Charlotte Tilbury? If you have then AZ would love to know your thoughts! Simply post your comments below.

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