This audacious odour is for women who love to add a dash of sweet juiciness to their day, whether in the form of fruit or flare. Women of Brume Fruitée are not afraid to let their sensual scent announce their presence; they are tenacious in their teasing and self-assured in their stance. Brume Fruitée transcends your mood to match the tunes of Piaf’s La Vie en Rose; your hair will speak mots d’amour and mots de tous les jours. Its formulation embodies the luscious sweetness with which nature nurtures its fruits, leaving you feeling healthy and fulfilled. The bright colours of Fruitée illustrate the blazing characters of pomegranate and apricot, while the drawing depicts a tantalizing allure: a woman in an endless state of love, satisfaction and sensuality.

Scents are crafted by EXPRESSION PARFUMEE in Grasse, Provence.

  • Top notes: Apricot pit & Blackcurrant & White peach
  • Heart notes: Pomegranate & Pear juice
  • Base notes: Plum & Brown sugar