Gently removes impurities and dry, bumpy skin
Reveals softer and smoother skin.

– This scrub contains a blend of precious oils – rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (omega 6) and antioxidants from sunflower, jojoba and grape seed oils, to nourish, rejuvenate and improve the appearance of skin.

– Finely crushed biodegradable peach and olive seeds act as natural exfoliants, encouraging cell renewal and helping to gently remove a build-up of dead skin cells naturally, without upsetting its delicate moisture barrier, or the environment.

– Quintessentially Thai ingredients Ta-Krai (Lemongrass), and frankincense give a splash of freshness and calmness to your skin and mind. Not only these ingredients are found to have the abilities to strengthen skin and improve its tone and elasticity, but also work as stress reducer too.